Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What do you do when you need motivation?

We asked ProductiveMuslim's facebook fans: What do you do when you need motivation? Here are the responses:
Abdul-Azim Ahmed: Sleep. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is rest ;).
Ariff Jauhar: i read inspiration book...and also read quran with the meaning...its like Allah talk to me and giving support...
Sana'a Abbas: watch/read something positive
Azy Raja: Concentrate on the positives

Aneesa Ifteqar: talk to dad ( he motivates me a lot) , n yea read somthing +ve .
Morinda Citrifolia: yup! i agree with Mr Ariff Jauhar. i will read a motivation book and pray to GOD
Kashif N Baig: Naat gunguna laita houn
iPoet: Bismillah. Excellent answers, masha'Allah.
I ask myself one question and it's enough for me to really motivate off the scales!This 1 quick question gives me the burning desire and push everyday. The question is,...

who am I doing it for? Allah! :-)
Give everything your best! Do it with excellence.
Jamshed Id: 1-Recite Quran and Ponder over its meanings
2-Pray 2 rakah Nafl
3-Listen to Halal nasheed( from eg Talib Habib)
Tanveer Zahid: Herzberg or Maslow's Theory
Abed Ghani: talk to ppl like u

Lilfairtrade Shop: Aw! Masha'Allah Aneesa. You are so blessed! I remember all my Dad's pearls of wisdom and make endless dua'as for him.
Reading The Noble Qur'an and the Prophets Seerah give my soul strength and inspiration. I praise Allah subhana wa'tala that I've been given another day to perform good deeds.
Sebiat Houria: hear Quran. Sourat al Fath. the meaning , the period and what our dear Prophet sws said about this Sourat. sometimes only the first ayat is quite good enough
Kamaal Al-Zenjibar: Read or watch about people who are not fortunated like me, poor people like in Africa, how they don't have the facilities like we have, i'm talking about the clean water, the food, the computer, the place to sleep, the clothes to wear, the shoes to walk on, the hijaab to put on, all these things motivates me, i coudln't thank Allah enough of how much he has blessed me, but all i say is Alhamdulillah, and get on with my work.

Ayesha Agee: my math homework... which makes me motivated to do absolutely anything else but that :P
Hina Ashraf: Read book or listen to sourat rehman it give my soul strength and inspiration.I thank ALLAH subhana tala that i,ve been given another day to perform good deeds Inshahallah.
Fatima Khoodoruth: Pray 2 rakaat nafl and ask Allah to guide me and give me strength.
Shehnaaz Wadee: Say ALLAHUMMA QAWWI QALBI WA BADANI - Oh ALLAH, strengthen my heart and body. AMEEN.
Zayed Zaheer: Do dhikr as in tasbeeh, taking names of Allah, praises, etc.
Sheeren Zama: i remember Prophet Mohammed (saw) ...He is the best motivation in any situation.

Surayya Hanifa: I write to myself a letter on all the good qualities I have..even talking to myrself.. certainly not out loud but I know just to have a one on one with my subconc. really helps me pull myself up..I give everything upto Allah Almighty to take care and I have suceeded in various instances...
Abdul Rehman Haq: I make Zikr., Alhamdulillah, it really helps.
Nortelle Naaila Hutchinson: Remember the reason I reverted 9 years ago and pray for Sabr

Mohd Saifullah Najimudin: Sketching
Enosh Kazem: remember my shortcomings
Productive Muslim: SubhanaAllah, these comments are so good (& motivating!)
Leila Abukar: Alah akbar
Eman Omer: I support some one need motivation. I think this gonna make me feel good. ^_^ & estighfar is what make any thing simple... ^_^ and ofcourse doa' is the most effictive one.. may ALLAH bless you all ^_^... & guide us to the right way ^_^
Hussain Manjee: Listen to Inspirational [Nasheed].

Fatma Alzahraa: i read
Lotifa Begum: Bismillah. Think about how short the life of this world is to achieve the goals we may never reach! Time is indeed a motivator. Inspiration are the pious and righteous to precede us and who needs better motivation than the desire to attain Jannah? InshaAllah. Remember motivation is not something you can give other people, it is something one must ... See More develop in their own self to feel the fruits of their work. :) - Some people find they need a teacher or guide to motivate by telling them - Others need reminders - Some just require spiritual strength to get on with it! InshaAllah Productive Muslim will get you motivated in upcoming months...

- Firstly, Remember Allah swt and the Sunnah of the Prophet saw. Then think of my parents, may Allah swt grant them the best in this life and the Next, they are a shining light of motivation in all I do. Not sure if someone said already, but recognise the favours of Allah. They indeed can not fail you to continue striving in His Cause inshaAllah.

Religion Islam: when you need motivation to do something that you are supposed to do, or somethgn that you really like to do - is that think about the result of that action, that wll give the drive..... :)

Amtullah Sadia: motivation is quite important in our day to day lyf , no matter how it comes, one needs to be motivated, esp in tyms of distress by their closed ones n the feeling tht ur parents ur siblings r wid u in distress is a gr8 motivation n 2 attain dis we need to communicate in a healthy manner with our near neighbours- ie our family--- i read sumwhere ... in glorious quran tht our family members r our near neighbours.. and if dis motivation for each other is missing in family it may lead to distress despite our supplications to allah is what i experienced in the earlier stages f my life... but alhumdulilla its all 5n now

Jazakum Allah Khair for sharing your thoughts on motivation!