Saturday, 20 February 2010

Who's ProductiveMuslimah?

My identity doesn't matter, but here are some clues...

•A ProductiveMuslimah is a Muslimah who's active both in this life and is actively prepared for the HereAfter. Her aim? The highest station of Jannah!
•A ProductiveMuslimah uses all the technology given to her today in serving her Lord and being a better person.
•A ProductiveMuslimah is one who cares about the latest, yet never forgets her roots or her great past.
•A ProductiveMuslimah knows that her being productive is only due to Allah’s permission, and her being unproductive is due to her own shortcomings and sins. She repents when committing a sin, and realizes that being productive simply means being a better Muslimah.

•A ProductiveMuslimah has high aspirations and makes the most of her day.
•A ProductiveMuslimah is led by the greatest example; our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Look at how much the Prophet (Peace be upon him) achieved in 23 years?! Isn’t that productive?! She also follows the example of the Companions – the wives of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the glorious women of the past – those are her real role models!
•A ProductiveMuslimah is a blessed woman, because she can achieve so much with so little resources.
•A ProductiveMuslimah is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend – a complete human – YOU!

Now, imagine, an entire Ummah filled with ProductiveMuslimahs – are you ready for a new era in Productivity? I call it the New World Order! Get ready get set!
So, now you’re asking who’s ProductiveMuslimah? The short answer: currently, she’s a “mythical” figure, but our aim is to make her real. However check out the first article for more info about her! Spread the word around about this site sisters, and let the winds of change stir. A new era has begun!

Yours sincerely,