Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Power of Concentration

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you need full concentration to do certain tasks? Sometimes you need all of your attention to make sure that that job or task is done correctly, yet for some reason you can’t. Most of the time we have so much on our mind that we don’t know how to stop thinking about one thing to focus on the next thing. As a result we just get sluggish and do it as best as we can, but not how we really want to do it. This is becoming more and more noticeable in society, especially in the West.

You may be wondering how do we deal with such a predicament? How do we work and have full concentration on whatever it is we need to accomplish?
I am going to teach you 4 things you can do to improve your “concentration”- insha’Allaah- God willing:

1. Purpose:
Why are you doing it? Is this task for work? Is this task for school? Is this task for your business? Why must you concentrate? You must have a strong reason as to why you are doing the task
Answer the above questions to enable you to understand the purpose behind your task. An example of this would be where someone is running. He tells me, “I must run 20 minutes every day, inshaAllaah.”
I ask him, “Why must you run 20 minutes everyday?”
He says, “So my time for the track competition can be faster.” So here we just clarified why he must run 20 minutes a day, so he can win at the track meets, Insha’Allaah.

2. Clarity of the Task:
You need to have a clear understanding on what it is that you need to focus on. Many times the reason for lack of concentration is not knowing or understanding the task. What should the focus be on? Answer this question to realize it is that thing that must be focused on while you’re doing the task. An example of this would be: I would ask, “What do you need to focus on when you’re running? Your speed, your jumps, or your sprints.”
He replies, “My sprints because I compete in that area.” Whereas before he just said that he must run for 20 minutes, now he is clear on what he needs to be doing in that 20 minutes of running.

3. Timing:
What is the best time for you to do this task, so that you can concentrate fully? We all know that we have times in the day where we are more focused and more productive. What time is that for you? That should be the time that you focus on the activity that needs much concentration. An example of this would be: I ask him, “What time of the day do you feel you have the most stamina? The most energy to go running?”
He says, “After Fajr prayer, I have the most energy to go running,” insha’Allaah.

4. Location:
Where can you do your task to have better concentration? Will it be better if you did it at home or will it be better if you did it at work? Where will there be less distraction, noise, and outside disturbances? Pick a location where you know that you can focus more. An example of this would be: I say, “Where can you go jogging which will help you focus on your sprints?”
He says, “On the track, no one is there at 6 a.m. in the morning, so I will have the track to myself, Insha’Allaah.”

Insha’Allaah these 4 tips have been beneficial to you. Use these tips for anything that you need to focus on; insha’Allaah it will work. Just be dedicated to trying it and sticking to your plan insha’Allaah.
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