Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Who's Productive Muslim?

Now that we’re picking up visitors, and are our readers’ base is increasing.. it’s time to answer the question "Who’s ProductiveMuslim?" properly. What’s he/she like?

•A productiveMuslim is a Muslim who’s active both in this life and is actively prepared for the HereAfter.

•A productiveMuslim uses all the technology given to him/her today in serving His Lord and being a better person.

•A productiveMuslim is one who cares about the latest, yet never forgets his/her roots or his great past.

•A productiveMuslim knows that him/her being productive is only due to Allah’s permission, and him/her being unproductive is due to his/her own shortcomings and sins. He/she repents when committing a sin, and realises that being productive simply means being a better Muslim.

•A productiveMuslim has high aspirations and makes the most of his day.

•A ProductiveMuslim is led by the greatest example; our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Look at how much the Prophet (Peace be upon him) achieved in 23 years?! Isn’t that productive?!

•A productiveMuslim is a blessed man/woman, because he/she can achieve so much with so little resources.

Now, imagine, an entire Ummah filled with ProductiveMuslims!

So, who’s ProductiveMuslim? The short answer: currently, he’s a “mythical” figure, but our aim is to make him real..Spread the word around about this site brothers and sisters, and let the winds of change stir.